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The bankruptcy process is typically lengthy and time-consuming. There are certain instances where you need to rush your bankruptcy filing. This is for you to immediately stop your creditors or simply get out of debt sooner. In these situations, contacting an experienced bankruptcy attorney should be your first step..

Filing for bankruptcy is an excellent way to get out of debt. At Roach Bankruptcy Center, LLC, we take your financial problems seriously. With almost two decades of legal experience dealing with debt problems, our team will ensure that your financial future is stable. We can help you attain a fresh start with our competence, reputation, and substantial experience. If you have questions about emergency bankruptcy filing in Missouri, schedule a free initial consultation now.

Why Do I Need a Bankruptcy Attorney in Missouri?

Choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer is one of the most crucial actions when filing a bankruptcy petition. Several lawyers in Missouri are considered experts in bankruptcy law, but only a few can provide high-quality service. When choosing a bankruptcy lawyer, keep the following characteristics in mind:

  • Quick Resolutions – The main reason for filing for emergency bankruptcy is to get your debts discharged and to get creditors stopped sooner. You do not want a bankruptcy law firm that is slow to respond to your needs. Choose someone consistently available to listen to your concerns and offer quick solutions.
  • Substantial Experience – Substantial experience refers not only to the years a lawyer has been in practice but also to the type of experience they have. Always look into the law firm’s background, including its educational background, unique experience, and cases won in bankruptcy. This will allow you to check what kind of service you will receive.
  • Specializing in Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy is one of the most complicated areas of the law. Numerous bankruptcy lawyers out there may have practiced bankruptcy, but there are certain aspects of it that they have yet to touch. Aside from extensive years of experience, choose someone who has focused on bankruptcy cases.

Attorney Jason Roach has had substantial experience since he was a law student. Even before practicing the law, Jason worked for the Missouri Attorney General’s office in Criminal Appeals. He was also an excellent debater at Webster University in Webster Groves. This substantial experience he acquired inspired him to exclusively practice bankruptcy. With his proven competence, if you want to stop creditors’ collection activities against you, file your petition online and get an automatic stay. Start a free initial consultation now with Roach Bankruptcy Center, LLC!

What is an Emergency Bankruptcy?

 emergency bankruptcy kansas city missouriAs a debtor, it is entirely normal for you to face situations that will necessitate you to resort to filing an emergency bankruptcy. The filing of a bankruptcy petition is typically non-emergent. In emergency bankruptcy, you can legally file the petition without needing to undergo the necessary paperwork.

Indeed, a debtor should avoid emergency filing as much as possible, but certain cases happen when your only resort is to file an emergency bankruptcy petition. By filing an emergency bankruptcy, you can stop and prevent the following:

  • Vehicle Repossession
  • Home Foreclosure
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Bankruptcy Lawsuits
  • Job Loss
  • Creditor Harassment
  • Tax Debt
  • Eviction

To obtain emergency paperwork, you would need to provide the bankruptcy court with the following:

  • Creditor Matrix
  • Petition for Bankruptcy
  • Social Security number
  • Credit counseling certificate

It is worthwhile to remember that the filing fee should still be paid, even in an emergency bankruptcy filing. For Chapter 7, the fee is $335.00, and $310.00 for Chapter 13. After filing the emergency bankruptcy, you are given 14 days to provide other pertinent information for your petition. If this information is not provided within 14 days, your case may be dismissed.

Facing Imminent Foreclosure?

We can help save your home! Even if time is running out, we’ll find a way. Find out how by speaking with our bankruptcy lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri today.

What are the Types of Bankruptcy?

Many people in Missouri only know one type of bankruptcy chapter. While this can be used by anyone, non-emergency filing is time-consuming and stressful. That is one of the reasons why emergency bankruptcy filing is allowed by bankruptcy laws. Your emergency bankruptcy filing is always dependent on what chapter you are using. Thus, it is crucial to understand the distinction between the two.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

Debtors consider filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy if they want to:

  • Discharge unsecured debts such as utility bills, medical bills, and credit card debt. 
  • Protect assets such as furniture, vehicle, and clothing, including retirement plans.

This bankruptcy procedure is widely known and has resulted in better bank account processing, lawsuit termination, and minimizing creditor harassment. Even though it is the most commonly used type of bankruptcy, any individual filing it should still apply to prove their capacity to make payments. Otherwise, the bankruptcy trustee will invalidate your petition.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 

For people with a greater median income than Kansas City, choosing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of their wise options. In this chapter, lawyers in Kansas City can assist you in filing a bankruptcy claim without harming your valuable assets. Debtors consider filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy if they want to:

  • Retain all your nonexempt and exempt assets, such as your car and estate. This can be possible if you can repay your debts on time.
  • Settle all your debts that are not covered by your bankruptcy discharge. This includes child support or taxes in the past.
  • Remove the liability of your cosigner. This will happen if you can repay your debts on time.

Call our Bankruptcy Attorney Now!

If you think filing an emergency bankruptcy is the best way to stop your creditors from harassing you or repay your debts sooner, never hesitate to contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer immediately. The bankruptcy rules are vague and quite complicated—going through it alone would only cause you a lot of stress. 

It always takes an excellent bankruptcy attorney to resolve your debt problems quickly. Contacting Roach Bankruptcy Center, LLC, should be your first step. With over 15 years of experience, our team has filed over 2,000 bankruptcy cases in Missouri. 

We specialize in bankruptcy. That is why we can ensure that your filing will go smoothly, and we will not allow any problems that arise in the future. Set up a free initial consultation now if you have questions about the automatic stay, stopping foreclosure, stopping repossession, meeting of creditors, wage garnishment, creditor harassment, and bankruptcy means test


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